Food service


At Nutritek, we understand the complexities of food service management and the daily challenges it presents. Our food service management module is a comprehensive and sound solution to effectively manage food services and provide users with a safe and enjoyable gastronomic experience.



  • Standardized recipes
  • Sequential recipe preparation
  • Distribution instructions
  • Label production
  • Automated recipe management
  • Calculation of nutritional values and costs of every recipe
  • Planning and organization of work
  • Managing and planning deliveries
  • Managing and planning inventory
  • Multisite planning of food operations


  • Increased efficiency and performance of operations
  • Improved safety and respect for needs of users
  • Better control of processes
  • Fewer losses
  • New decision-making tools
  • Less time spent on planning operations
  • Fewer manual tasks
  • Customization of recipes, production and inventory for each site

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