Nutritek proposes a food service management strategy adapted to Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISS) and Integrated University Health and Social Services (CIUSS). Our software provides the best tools on the market to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction on a daily basis. It allows you to set up an effective, viable, quality network, supported by a clinical nutrition management infrastructure that provides quick and secure access to your information when you need it.

Monitoring nutritional status
Nutrition is much more than a food service; it’s a powerful therapeutic asset. Nutritek has effective, simple and efficient tools to ensure food safety and rapid follow-up of the nutritional status of every patient.

Decreased manual labour
Nutritek’s many applications decrease the time spent on manual tasks so that you can focus on what’s important: the patient. Plus, our multisite functionality and user profile configuration are considerable assets to assist in the management of integrated centres and the transfer of information.

Cost control
In a time of budget cuts and increasing demands on performance and customer satisfaction, effective software you can count on is essential. Nutritek helps you save money in food and nutritional services, without sacrificing the quality of meals offered.

Focus on what counts: your patients!