Long term

care facilities

The quality and diversity of menu choices are a central concern for residents in long-term care facilities. Nutritek’s comprehensive and reliable software enables you to efficiently manage and personalize food services offered to your residents, while controlling costs.

The joys of eating
Nutritek’s software adapts to the needs of residents and supports the family philosophy held by long-term care facilities. Our goal is to help you offer your residents the best service and quality meals, ensuring a most enjoyable dining experience.

Our software has tools to create personalized menus. Our selection and calibration filter adjusts basic menus in terms of residents’ diets, dislikes and preferences, while allowing for exceptions as needed. Create a menu that’s safe and adapted to the needs of your clientele, all in keeping with your policies.

Multisite functionality
Our multisite functionality allows you to easily share resources between sites in your area and maximize the use of central kitchens. Activating by site even allows for starting a recipe in one central production centre and completing it in local kitchens.

Safe menus
adapted to your particular clientele